Monday, December 24, 2012

Some last minute magic

My sweet little boy has been wishing for snow on Christmas morning all month.  Well low and behold, living in the tropical climate of south Florida, I can pretty much promise that it isn't going to snow.  But thanks to this super easy #anthrohack the boy will wake up to a snow flurry in his room on Christmas morning.

So here is this very easy DIY.

you will need:
parchment paper
glue gun
lots of glue sticks
fishing line

Lay out your parchment paper.
Once your glue gun is good and hot, start making snow flake doodles.
Don't worry about glue stings, they can be removed at the end.
tip: you want them to be on the thicker side so they don't break.

Before the glue has a chance to set, douse those suckers in glitter.
I did about 4 at a time.

Allow the snow flakes time to set and dry the entire way through. 
Remember we made them kinda thick, so allow for extra drying time.
Carefully peel them off of the parchment paper, and 
remove any unwanted glue strings.
Attach the fishing line and they are ready to hang.

I made close to 40 glue gun snow flakes and I can't wait to sneak into the boy's room tonight and hang them from the ceiling.

Merry Christmas!!!
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