Friday, December 9, 2011

wardrobe re-fashion

i found this necklace in the back of a drawer.  i think that it belonged to the hubs at some point.  chokers kinda freak me out, i think i must have a fat neck or something. but not to worry....a quick 5 minute DIY can fix just about anything. so my "i am never going to wear this" choker became a longer necklace with just a few snips and the addition of some extra chain.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

joys of parenting: the boy

the boy: 
"i want a super hero beard like daddy
[as he smears his face with plaster of paris]

you may not get to wear fancy clothes.
but there is a fantasticlly imaginative game of 
"shark rescue super hero" 
that takes place in a mountain of bubbles.
by the end of the day your glasses are covered 
in yogurt finger prints and squishy nose smudge marks. 
your favorite shirt is now the canvas 
for an art project gone silly. 
plaster of pairs covers 
more than one surface in more than one room,
[and more than one person] 
and your lucky if you get a shower.

i wouldn't trade any of the mess.
greatness lies in the eye of the beholder.
[for you are you and i am i]

Monday, November 21, 2011

inspiration lookbook

november is for giving thanks: day 19 & 20

first off, let me just apologize for the 2 day hiatus. i think you will understand after reading.

this past weekend a very loved, respected, and important man was lost. my husbands uncle richard.  i never had the honor of meeting uncle richard, but he's one of those kinds of people that you feel like you have known for ever... even though you only know him through pictures and family stories.  the sudden death really got me to thinking.

there are no pictures that can portray how thankful i am for my family, and in this particular instance, my dad.  seldom do we think about what would happen if our fathers were suddenly taken out of our lives.  now i know that everyones idea of sudden is relative, but i am talking mostly about the here fine and healthy and then gone in a matter of no time. uncle richard tripped and punctured a lung, and passed a few days later.  how do you loose a father when you have no time to prepare yourself?

on a completely other side of the hubs life, his work like, one of the higher-up father's was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. the cancer had spread and taken over most of his body by the time that it was discovered. over the past few months the hubs has shared the few small details about this man and his family with me. the family is keeping the hole thing very quiet in honor of the father.  i am semi-close to a few people in this family and my heart breaks for them every time i think about the sudden nature of his illness.

all of this sadness revolving around fathers really got me to thinking about what would happen if our fathers were suddenly gone. what would i do if my father were suddenly gone? what about the boy, what if he suddenly lost his daddy? tell them how thankful you really are. you never know when you will no longer have the opportunity.

my thoughts are with all of the families involved in this post.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

inspiration lookbook

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. we took our first official long bike ride of the "bike riding" season. this time of the year until about may we will find any accuse to ride or bikes as far as possible. while it was an amazing and fun ride we didn't plan to well with the weather and got poured on during the 2.5 mile ride home from the park. oh was worth every rain drop.
2. dance has been going really well, and i can't believe that i have not announced this yet, but i am going to be dancing in the holiday showcase for my dance studio.  when my teacher asked me if i wanted to participate i answered "yes" before really thinking about what i was doing. next thing you know i am in a 8 person contemporary number, learning the steps, feeling the music, amazing. then the terror set it.....i am going to be in a dance recital? me? dancing in front of people? yikes!
3. i have always preferred to support local businesses, but sometimes we have to think about the cost of products and the money that we spend. for instance, i would love to shop the local farmers markets for produce, but it's so flippin expensive.  and while the thought of spending $300 a week in groceries sounds like fun (not) it's just not in the budget to shop local/green/organic all the time. but i think that i have found the perfect solution in the meat department. a friend of mine introduced me to charlie's gourmet meat market. charlie's is an old fashioned butcher with amazing amazing amazing products. the store offers packages of meats custom fit for your family size that last about 2-3 weeks. (at a very affordable price) the quality of the meat is better than any grocer and the fact that it's all wrapped in butcher's paper just puts a big smile on my face. so if you are in the area, and looking for a good butcher.....check out charlie's!
4. the hubs had to travel to orlando for work this week, and while i always hate when he has to spend the night there, i always really enjoy the night to myself. i don't ever turn the tv on, usually get lot's of crafting/blogging done, and eat the least balanced meal possible for dinner.
5. we finally found out what was wrong with the boys tummy.  while we are still concerned about his belly it's nice to have that weight of not knowing of our shoulders.
6. so the hubs finally talked me into getting twitter. i have fought it for so long, but seeing how well the hubs has been doing with marketing his blog, i figured i should get my tweet on.
7. i got a box full of clothes from a good friend this week. all full of things she was done with that she thought i could refashion into something new and amazing. i am not going to lie....some of the stuff i love just the way it is, some needs altering, and some are going to get a whole new lease on life.
8. i am so excited that "movember" month is catching on! support those you know that are growing their 'stache for a good cause.....and i'll keep rocking my mustache shirts!
9. "satur-daddy-day" as become a huge hit!
10. the whole reason that this post is a day late is because sunday we spent the entire day doing nothing but fun family activities! we went exploring at okeeheelee nature center. stay tuned for fun pictures from our day!

november is for giving thanks: day 14

i am thankful for a day of no accidents.
....and the boys adorable butt.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

joys of parenting: butt snot

the amount of shit you put up with as the mother of a two year old boy is never discussed before you decide to have children. and i mean that in the poopiest! messiest! grossest! way possible. that is your warning! if you don't want to have an open conversation about the shitings of a two year old.....i'll see you later.

potty training is going pretty well. we've been at it now for about 2 months. we have had minimal public accidents. we need to replace only one carpet in the house. and he's pooped in the once. every other single poop has been an "accident".....a really flippin' gross accident. let me tell you how hard it is to pry turd filled underpants off a kid that can't stand still. it really brings a whole new meaning to skid marks. and i am not going to lie....there have been a hand full that we've just looked at and said: "f@$% no i am not cleaning that out"....trashed. also i feel the need to share the face that my favorite kind of poop accident is the "naked drop" (our house is 95% tarrazzo it's a quick and easily sanitized clean up).  everybody as a reasonably intelligent adult, i knew that when in the process of potty training, well, i was going to have to clean shit up along the way.

but what no body tells you about is what happens when you have non-healthy poops.  for the past two weeks the boy has had a mysterious and might i add random butt snot issue. i don't want to freak anyone out....he's doing fine. the doctor is leaning more towards some kind of allergy because he was never really sick. and since starting him on a kids probiotic, things are really starting to shape up.....literally. what is my gut telling me? well the boy has been in daycare now for just a bit over a month....i think that all the crap that they feed them at school is tearing his tummy up.  the daycare offers a state funded meal plan. so they feed him breakfast, lunch, and a snack. the day we had to pick him up early from school for having too much butt snot, he was being fed fritos and pineapple chunks.  that was the state issued snack? wtf? wtf on so many levels! i have since convinced the boys doctor to write a note to his school saying that i will be providing his meals so that we can monitor that crap that is being introduced to him.

i try to feed my family fairly healthy....i wouldn't say that i am a nut about it. i love more than anyone in this house our rapidly growing tradition of saturday pizza night. hell, as i am writing this i am eating a plater of fried spicy cheese balls (that's what she said) for dinner.  but i have never really been one to expose the boy to a lot of crap food. really because i believe that he loves real food too much to ruin it for him. i will gladly pack that boys lunch for the rest of his life. i feel so terrible for his little tummy. i mean really take yourself there....shit your brains out the house a bag of fritos and the eat your share of pineapple....tell me how that works out for you.

shit happens. a whole lot of it. and it's going to get on things. it will for sure get under your nails at some point. you will smell it on something or someone for way to long before you realized it's smeared on your very own arm. hey sometimes the dog even  eats it. but once the stink wears off there is the sweetest little boy who has me wrapped around his finger. i will shovel his shit and make his lunch for the rest of his life if he wants me to.

november is for giving thanks: day 9

i am thankful for a beautiful drive to work.
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