day 2: host a dinner party

day 3: dinner from a food truck

day 4: take time alone. to relax

day 5: take care of those piggies

day 6: the perfect shirt

day 7: sketch battle

day 8: dinners on you

day 9: something yummy

day 10: ladies night

day 11: make a pattern

day 12: DIY terrarium

day 13: giveaway

day 14: take a dip

day 15: a meal. alone. with the hubs

day 16: spend time with friends

day 17: the boy's choice

day 18: reading date

day 19: pick some fruit

day 20: get a proper hair cut

day 21: trip to webster

day 22: make a mantra

day 23: scary movie date

day 24: go to the fair

day 25: DIY heart shirt

day 26: visit a new thrift store

day 27: tech free

day 28: take a hike

day 29: do a photo shoot

day 30: play putt putt

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