e.trumble photography

Hi! I am Erin, a South Florida based photographer. 

I am really drawn to and inspired by beautiful, light, and organic photography. I want to capture you and your family in the most natural way possible with a little of my folksy comfort and charm.

I love photographing family, children, and weddings. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

You can view more of my galleries at e.trumble photography. Follow my blog,www.turquoiseviolets.com to keep up with what is inspiring my daily life! If you want to see what's coming out of my phone...check me out on instagram @erinisturquoise

Can't wait to hear from you.

Be Grateful & Inspire


Justin Miller said:
To say Erin is an amazing photographer would be an understatement. 

If you are in Florida and need Pictures (and want them done at an amazing level of quality) she should be the first person you call...

The wedding photos that she captured recently for my Sister-in-law's (she's my sister and he's brother - formal titles are so ridiculous) wedding did more than justice to the Bride and Groom, and their families.

Erin is not only extended family, so she's due a recommendation - but she does quality work - so, more importantly, she's earned one... 

Chic has a gift...

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