Saturday, May 29, 2010

the little man

All week long while I was supposed to be focused on relaxing and finding a house (that sound's like an impossible combo!), all I could really focus on was how big my little man is getting! Where has the past year gone?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

10 things I couldn't live without this week

  1. mother's day roses. even though they were not from the hubs.
  2. my new Wii fit plus. which was from the hubs (way to redeem yourself).
  3. coffee. this is probably going to show up every week.
  4. nagachampa. found one random stick in the bottom of a box of crap. burnt it. still love it.
  5. craigslist. i have been a junkie trying to find a place to live.
  6. the hubs. i am just so proud of him for his new promotion.
  7. great grandmother's painting. found an old oil painting that she did. can't wait to hang it up.
  8. new shoes for the little guy. he has such fat feet, finally found a pair that fit.
  9. the nikomat. started a new series of pictures documenting the development of a new flower on my peace lily. i have had it for a few years and this is only the second bloom.
  10. tetris. it's the only game that the hubs will admit that i am better at.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

10 things i couldn't live without this week

  1. coffee. there were many mornings this week that i was almost concerned with how jittery i got from all the coffee.
  2. allergy meds. yuck.
  3. tetris party. i've been hooked like crack all week. i think that it may have actually started to affect my eye sight. that's sad.
  4. my new black linen pants. i made them last week and have worn them at least 4 times already. they rule. i am going to make so many more.
  5. friday nights porch party. great little get together with some buddies and a few beers on the porch. what more could you ask for?
  6. jessica. i don't know what i am going to do in five weeks. i have come to find that i need this girl in my life.
  7. frozen sangria in a foam cup. need i say more.
  8. the curse by josh ritter. i couldn't stop listening to this song all week.
  9. ashyr saying his name for the first time. and this time i am not the only one who heard it.
  10. mother's day. it started off rough and i was very disappointed, but the hubs redeemed himself when he got home from work.

New study

SO... if you don't already know, The Bright Side Project is absolutely amazing! these lovely ladies deliver buckets full of funshine to daily lucky winners. they have some amazing sponsors and contributors!

today's giveaway was from Dexter Darling. whitney wanted to know what was the one item that we could not store away in storage, since she and her hubs just moved into a 300 sq ft apartment! yikes! this was my response (by the way should pick me so that I can receive my bucket of funshine!):
"the one thing i could never put in storage....oh man, i could do a list of like 101 things i could never put in storage! i could never live without my vintage camera. i could never live without my squeaky sewing machine. i could never live without my beat up old cowboy boots. and i mean then there is my hubs and child....i am almost positive it is illegal to store people in storage, so i mean that obviously couldn't go. i mean i could really keep going!"

anyway, this is getting lengthy. my point is this. i have been trying to come up with a little more structure here at Turquoise Violets. So now starting on sundays we will be featuring a new study called, "10 things i couldn't live without this week".

Monday, May 3, 2010

DIY: A gift for the mister

So the hubs has been working his butt of lately and to show him how much I appreciate how hard he works I made him this fun little place to rest his noggin!

I want the edges on the "t" to fray some more, then it will be perfect!

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