Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project 52

This has been your daily assumed position during this crazy summer heat.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inspiration Lookbook: Lake Santeetlah

It's no secret that I am counting down the days
until our annual Lake Santeetlah family vacation! 
I can't wait for some lake time spent hanging
with my sisters, kayaking, tubing, pontooning, drinking, and laughing!
Here is a little bit of inspiration to help me get 

(Source - Pinterest)

(Source - Pinterest)

(Source - Pinterest)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Coffee Talks

"Wish you were here, I saved you a spot!" - Erin

My girls phone got jacked from the post office today.
She told me to insert a "sad face" in her 
Coffee Talks spot.

Little Ellie is 2!

One of my favorite things about 
doing family photography is watching families grow.
The last time I photographed this sweet family
was when Ellie was still in her momma's belly.
Now she's turning 2! And momma's about to pop with a baby boy!
Here is a little peek at a few of my favorites from our very hot 
Snook Island morning session.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY: Up-cycled Filing Cabinet

I found this busted up beauty last weekend at a yard sale,
and I knew she was going to be the perfect addition to my new office.
All she needed was a fork lift to get her home, 
because she ways a metric shit ton,
some TLC and elbow grease.

See that $10 price tag?
I talked them down to $5 and convinced them to load it into 
my car for me.

The frist step to bringing this cabinet back to life was to remove all of the hardware.
I knew that it was missing pieces and that I was going to have to 
replace all of the handles.

Once every thing was taken apart,
I got super sweaty and dirty giving this giant hunk of 
metal a really good sanding.
Using a medium to coarse grit paper. 
I used circular motions
(think Karate Kid)
and really concentrated my attention
to the areas that were rusty.

After sanding, I used a wet rag to remove all of the dust.
It took a few good wipe downs to really make sure that I got it all,
and the last cleaning I used mineral spirits and a dry rag.

Once all the surfaces were thuroughly cleaned,
I used a spray paint primer to cover the entire cabinet.

I also salvaged the label holders off the front of the drawers and sprayed them flat black.

The original cabinet had spindles that ran inside each drawer, but one was missing.
I opted to just fill the hole with a screw, hex nut, and acorn nut for decorative purposes. 

Lastly I sprayed the cabinet this beautiful and cheery
Marigold color and started calling it my happy cabinet.
After the paint had a full 24 hours to dry,
I put on all the hardware and labels.
This was such an easy project that really brought a dead piece of furniture 
right back to life, and provided so much storage and sunshine in my office.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiration Lookbook: Natural Beauty

I have been feeling super inspired lately.
It's probably all the wood grain in this new house,
or maybe it's the hot summer heat,
but I am craving everything earth tone and brass with lots of pops of color!

Here is an up close of a little DIY I am working on!
Give me more brass!!!!!

This is one of the little bookshelf nooks in the new house. 

Look at all the wood, turquoise, and brass!!!
This makes me want to paint something.

My great grandmothers oil painting has become a color pallet of sorts.

I just adore this print from Pocket Tiger!
Too bad it's sold out!

You know how I told you there was wood grain all around me?
This is my beautiful ceiling!

Stop and take a look around you.
Be inspired by the things you love.
It's so simple to look at things like famous people in magazines 
for inspiration on things like hair color.
But why not draw your inspiration from your own life.
Be what you love and love who you are.

Project 52

Teach your children young to value the things that you yourself value.
The hubs and I have a passion for bringing "treasures" back to life.
I am so crazy excited that the you ran inside to grab your
goggles and a sheet of sand paper, and rushed
right back out to get your DIY on with me!  

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New uses for old things

One of my absolute favorite things about moving is the total blank slate.
I love taking all of my treasures and belongings
and finding not only new homes for them,
but also new uses.

Bookshelves that used to be jam packed with craft supplies
now become storage for all of our "keep sakes".
Kitchen clocks become bedroom clocks.
A table that used to function as a front door catch all
returns to it's original calling as a dressing table.

Even things that used to be hidden away in storage from your childhood
find new homes as added pops of pink!

But one of my favorite new uses for old things so far in this crazy
unpacking and organizing process has got to be

I was given this very sweet little magnetic sewing pin container as a gift 
from a friends mom.
In the old house it had no home. 
No job.
It literally just was tucked away into a box for a rainy day.

Then I realized that not only was she perfect for my great great grandmothers 
dressing table, but she had a secret hidden potential 
to house and organize my bobby pins.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Coffee Talks

"Vacay in full effect!" - Jess

"Why yes! Yes, I would like to test drive my new tub!" - Erin

We've Moved!

As of a few weeks ago,
I was comfortably blogging from my 
late 50's Lake Worth sunroom.
Then our whole world was turned upside down.

The hubs and I made a decision to uproot our home
 and make a move about 20 miles south.  
One to get him closer to work, the less time he spends driving,
the more time he can spend with us!
And, two...if you don't know about L-Dub utilities then consider yourself lucky.
Our lease was ending this month, so it seemed like a now or never move.

Well with in about two weeks,
We found our amazing little 40's cottage just a short walk to the beach.
Signed our lease.
And moved in.

It was a completely whirlwind adventure.
There has been a lot of stress involved, and a lot of sore backs,
but we couldn't be more excited about our new place!

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I promise
to make up for it in home tour pictures,
my laundry list of DIY's, 
as well as some super fun giveaways!

For now,
I must get back to these boxes!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you T.S. Andrea for THE BEST HAIR DAY EVER!!!!

Before we get started,
that title was intended to be read in a "megaphone announcer" voice.
If you did not give it your best go the first time
just hop back up there and then catch up.....

I know what you are thinking....
best ever? 

Well let me tell you.
You would think that after three weeks straight of 
piss poor weather, and the latest rain bands of 
good ole' T.S. Enough Already,
that my hair would look like I just stuck my finger in a socket.

You are correct.
I am not exactly sure what the magic was but today's hair...
pretty freaking rad!
And this girl got soaked in the rain. Twice. 
And went for a very humid ride in the Jeep.
Or was it my new shampoo?
Only time and better weather will tell.
What ever it was,
my tangled mess and mother nature where at one today.

sorry about the crinkled up old lady face.
I am tired.
And I just ruined the cupcakes for tomorrow's
baby shower.

Coffee Talks

"Bustin' out my wellies." -Jess

"All this plant porn is making me miss you!" - Erin

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