Monday, January 6, 2014

My Pinterest Closet

So I don't know about you? 
But I often end up with clothing items that I am 
totally in love with, and don't always know how to wear them.

Once again, one of the many beauties of Pinterest!
So this "My Pinterest Closet" is the perfect example of this! 
I have had this blue and white polka doted 
button up for some time and never wear it, but I love it!
So I searched 'blue and white polka dot shirt' 
and when this beautiful outfit from the Chriselle factor
 scrolled past my jaw dropped!

I loved the color combination,
but knew that mine had to me much more casual!
So here's what I came up with!

top: thrifted Ralph Lauren
shorts: Old Navy
sun glasses: Tumbleweeds Hand Crafted

What's New?

There once was this lady.
She lived a life of leisure,
dirty diapers, blogging, glue guns, and play dates.
And then one day all of that changed.

The little boy started school.
The lady had dreamt of the day, 
grocery shopping alone and time to do as she pleased.
And so much more time to dedicate to blogging.
Boy was she wrong.

The age of "school nights and home work"
was upon her and her sweet family.
Not to mention all of the driving Ms. Daisy 
that a school boy requires.

If all of that wasn't enough to shake up her little world,
her husband quit his job.
This made the little lady a wee bit nervous.
When the lady is nervous, creativity comes to a halt.
The little lady knew it would all be ok though.

Her hubs was in need of a new life.
A life that didn't revolve around work.
So they talked it over and decided it was time for a change.
Throwing all caution to the wind the young family 
decided to uproot and take it cross country.

All of these life changes flipped that little lady off her feet.
And there was a hidden surprise.
All of the changes lead to the little lady finally fulfilling her desire to
start a little handmade jewelry business.
Her hubby being home allowed her to spread her wings.

Now she's busy as a bee.
Making jewels, snapping pictures, and packing boxes.
She's never been happier.
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