Friday, March 29, 2013

Coffee Talks

"'Good' Friday"- Jess

"NYC made me do it!"- Erin

Thankful Friday

After coming off of my funk from missing my best friend and NYC combined with the punch in the gut news that I received in the middle of the week, I am starting today with a new foot forward.  This week I have spent a lot of time reflecting and my mind keeps wandering back to one simple notion.

 Ego vs Gratitude vs Society.

If there was ever a microcosm of todays society that lived and breathed and sustained it would be New York City.  The amount of 'daily lives' that buzz around that city are unreal, yet there was an underwhelming sense of gratitude and human connection being shown.  As a matter of fact I was laughed at by my best friend and her husband about how kind and happy I was towards the locals.  Truly, it's just second nature to me now.  You treat people kind and fair.  You give that stranger an extra second to say hello.  An excuse me on the subway can prevent ruining someones train ride.  A gentle touch and warm glance can provide that much needed human connection.  Celebrating someone for just being can be one of the most rewarding gestures.  Now I must side note here....I don't want you guys to think that I am some sort of freak who went around the city with a cheesy smile pasted on my face, touching every stranger, and making small talk with every passer by...they have a special name for people like's called crazy.  Instead I just continued my daily practice of showing people that 'I cared' in a place where no shits are given about the person next to you.

All of this thinking about a lack of human connection and perception of down right anger makes me think.  What causes people who are by nature supposed to be happy, to be so unhappy?  I have gone back and forth on this weighing out the possibilities of 'why', and it really boils down to one thing.  Ego.  We are trapped in a reality where people have a tendency to believe that their problem are the most important. Their shit stinks more than your shit.  They have had a harder day. And here's where the Ego really kicks in.....NONE of this is their fault.  The professional Ego centric maniac has no problem passing all of that blame of their own hardships right onto someone else's plate.  Anyone else's to be frank.  Where does all of this lead us?  In my opinion, downfall.  I truly believe that living an Ego centric life is the downfall of society.  And you can scale that 'society' on many different levels, it could be a family society, work, community, city, country, ect. In short if you live on the top of your ivory tower thinking that the reason that you shit stinks is due to everyone around you, at some point everyone is going to get tired of smelling your shit and move on.

The moral of this increasingly long winded story is this.  If you choose to be Ego centric that is your prerogative but know this, you are choosing a life of solitude and your microcosm of society will crumble around your shity smelling pedestal.  If you decide that that life stinks then you must remove your head out of your own ass and choose to live a life of gratitude.  I choose that life. 

Reconnect with the human connection.  Be grateful and Inspire.

Monday, March 25, 2013


I really can't think of a better birthday surprise from Jess & Jonny on Saturday afternoon.
We weaved our way around Brooklyn shopping, sight seeing, and laughing.
When we got to this corner I was ordered to not peak and look at the ground.
They led me down the path to the Promenade to reveal such 
a spectacular view of the southern most tip of Manhattan.

We wandered down the way towards the Brooklyn Bridge.
I was in awe of the majestic old brown stones and views of the sunset.

These are some of my favorite pictures from Saturday nights surprise adventure.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 52

I am not sure what it is about you two.
All day I have to repeatedly tell you two to separate.
I have to break up growling matches,
and try and prevent nips on the hand and wads of fur being removed.
I can see it in her eyes that you driver her crazy 
constantly chasing her around.
I am sure that it drives you crazy that she just won't let you
keep her in a choke hold.
Either way,
there is a definite air of frustration between you two.

But then it's it bath time,
and she won't leave you side.
There is a tiny sense of protection mixed with a sheer love for water
that I am sure ignites her desire to be half way in the tub.
But I'll be damned that if in those 20-30 minutest that you are soaking
in your own filth,
she is your very best friend and you are hers.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

As I sit here at the crack of dawn, blurry eyed and not quite awake,
I can't help but watch those around me. 
Everyone here is headed for the same adventure to a far away place.
While none of our adventures will be the same.
Those sitting at my gate are obviously headed to the same destination as I am, 
but how similar will our journey's be?

The man next to me grumbles under his breath 
as I politely greet with with a smile and good morning.
He's dressed in a suit so I assume he's headed to New York on business.
His forehead is creased with lines of stress and a life of disgruntled behavior.
He seems angry.
Maybe he's upset that he has to sit next to some purple haired smiling freak.
Maybe he's mad at his secretary for scheduling such an early flight.

There's the lady half way down the terminal who is toting way too much luggage for just one person
and trying to wrangle up her two small children.
I can't help for a minute to be thankful that I am not traveling with the boy today,
and in the next second am cursing myself for not jumping to my feet to go help her.
People all around her are just staring in hopes that they won't be "stuck"
near her on the plane I am sure.

Across from me is an elderly couple.
They are holding hands while they wait to board the plane.
They haven't stopped staring at me.
I can only imagine what they are thinking.
It's funny to me that there is so much judgement today.
Because I look like a Crayola box exploded on me I must be a terrible irresponsible person.
I just smile.
Knowing that I am a wonderful person.
I am secretly waiting for the opportunity to prove their judgments wrong.

I have so much to be grateful for.
I am about to see my favorite lady.
My husband surprised me with the amazing trip.
And that's just what's happing right this very minute.

Recognize the moments in your life that deserve it.
The food and nourishment in your belly.
The roof over your head and the people that make up your individual community.
That stranger sitting next to you.
All of these things may have something to offer you 
if you take the moment to see the gifts inside of them.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello? It's me, Erin!

Hello Friends!
Wanted to take a quick moment to say hi.  I realized that there has been so much going on here and very little about what's actually going on in our lives.  So I wanted to share a little bit of what's really going on in our worlds.

The boy is being, well for lack of better words, a boy.  Everyday it's a new challenge.  I never really realized how hard it is to be almost 4.  There is so much to learn and discover not only as a kid, but as a parent.  We are dealing with new challenges of a potty mouth, and shit I just don't know where he gets it?!?!? Ha. And the ever so lovely temper tantrums. Ugh. I swear when he's a teenager I am going to wake him up at 5:30 am throwing a fit about how "I NEED milk in a sippy cup or I am going to die".  I really should be keeping a better record of all the things I am going to do to him when he's 16.

The hubs has been beyond busy with work, so when he's home we are all taking advantage of it.  There has been lots of playing and painting in the back yard, and I am stealing as many snuggles as I can get!

Me? Well I am leaving for my NY birthday trip in the morning.  I am anxious. Excited. Cold just thinking about being cold.  I can't wait to spend a few days with my best friend.  I miss her way to much and really don't get to see her enough.  I may try to kidnap her and smuggler her back home to Florida.  Why the anxiety you may ask? Well there is something about the thought of going to NYC and not feeling "cool". Haha.  I mean I am just a beach bum punk from south Florida.  I am sure it will be wonderful, but there is something about feeling like a nobody in a city crawling with the super hip that's got me worried about my confidence level.  But when it boils down to it, I am not sure that I give two hoots.

So that's the short story about what's going on in our house.  What's new with you?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY: Fascinator aka Tiny Hat

I was so excited when Brenda,
not only told me that she would teach me how to make my own fascinator,
but also that we could share this little DIY on the blog!

So here is what you need:
thick fusible interfacing
fabric glue
needle and thread
fabric hole punch
bobby pins
any decorating supplies you would like

Step 1:

So first you want to start with tracing and cut a circle onto your interfacing
about the size of your hat.

Step 2:

After your circle is cut out, fold it in half.
On the top and bottom of the folded edge, draw a two inch line.
Re-fold again with the opposite sides touching and mark  your two inch line again.

When your circle is laid flat it should have 4 marks like this.
Now cut those lines.

Step 3:

Over lap the edges of the trimed circle and stitch them in place.

Once all four overlapping edges are stitched your hat will stand up like this.

Step 4:

Flip your hat over onto a piece of felt and roughly trace and cut
a wide enough circle to be able to overlap onto the inside of the hat.

Step 5:

Press the felt onto the top side of the hat.
Use the directions for your fusible interfacing.

Step 6:

Taking small sections to keep the edges neat,
fold over and press the edges onto the inside of the hat.

Step 7:

Trace and cut another felt circle and press it into the inside of the hat.

Use your fabric glue to secure the over lapping edges
You can use a fabric hole punch to puncture three holes close to the edge of the hat.
Use bobby pins through the holes to secure the hat to your hair.

Step 8:

I was trying to make a hat that I saw on Pinterest.
You can see it here in My Pinterest Closet.
So I used gold acrylic paint to paint polka dots on to the top of the hat.
Use your imagination to decorate your own.
With these fancy little hats, anything goes!

Monday, March 18, 2013


After a stella early morning play date at the beach,
the boy asked so sweetly and politely if we could have 
lunch on the pier.
I couldn't say no.
The smells of pancakes, bacon, and warm maple syrup filled the air.

He was such a good little man.
He sat quietly and ate every last drop of his lunch,
only stopping in between bites to ask 
questions of 'why' and 'how'

Still in our bathing suits and covered in sand,
we made our way to the farmers market.
I love going there with him.
He makes such wise decisions about food,
and loves when I tell him about all the crazy produce and where it comes from.

After packing up the car full of fresh fruits and veggies,
we took a long stroll through the Nursery.
As we literally stopped to smell every flower,
we found our selves amidst a little game of garden 
hide and seek.

It was a perfect morning and afternoon.
Now if I could only convince him that we should take naps.

My Pinterest Closet

When I saw this hat months ago on Pinterest
I knew that I had to have it.
I really combines all my loves of polka dots, gold, and tiny hats.
Lucky for me, one of my dearest friends specialized in such matters.
So over an afternoon play date,
Little Miss HumbleBumble taught me how to make my very own. 

Want to know a secret? 
If you check back tomorrow,
you may learn how to make your very own as well!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project 52

You are even crazy when you sleep!
Look at this tangled mess of blankets and sheets.
Either way, I love you my wild little man.

p.s. Clean your room when you wake up!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

the boys collection

There is something about a boy and his cars.
It doesn't matter that you only have two hands to play with,
you need an infinite amount of hot wheels.

So we made use of that huge collection.
The boy and I sorted them all by color.
We placed them all in rows.
We counted how many we have of each color.
We put them in order from least to most.
And we photographed them all.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Go away cold.

I am bond and determined to convince my body that I am not sick.
I knew it was coming.
It's really just my luck.

So I have spent most of the day willing this little bug away.
Combined with this vitamin packed juice...
I will be healthy in no time!

Coffee Talks

"Today, I say to being a grown-up." - Jess

"Every orifice of my face is leaking." - Erin

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Night Time Snacks

Night time snacks look like this now.
We used to sit elbow deep in a carton of ice cream,
but now the hubs and I snack on
healthier treats.
I had to throw that Cadbury Egg in for him...
they are his favorite.

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