Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh the pictures I will take

So, I was sitting here working on my Google Reader obsession, when I was introduced to these ridiculously amazing earrings on A CUP OF JO!THANK YOU! Only to quickly realize that they were a giveaway! THANK YOU AGAIN! I proceeded to stare at them for about 15minutes praying that they would be mine.....and wondering what the hubs was going to say when I showed them to him. I've am hoping it's going to go something like this:

ME: Doodie (that's what we call each other....don't ask!), come look at these awesome earrings!
THE HUBS: Those are awesome, AND I can make those!

Please! Please! Please be how it goes! The Hubs has surprised me a bit lately with the camera, and then there was the hand stamping tools. The Hubs is very handy and crafty and artistic. He's also been known to make jewelry in the maybe, just maybe!

After that whole scenario played through my head, and I prayed to the random comment picker Gods, I found myself on this website. I've died and gone to heaven! This is what jewelry heaven looks like! Leah Sakellarides, who are you and how did you get in my head? I am going to be obsessing over this for a long time! Not only the amazing jewelry but also the amazing photography! These are the pictures I want to learn to take! STUNNING! Excuse me for cutting this off but I have to go obsess some more!


  1. i was JUST looking at these two lil marvelous pieces! i want i want <3

  2. I saw your post on Lisa Leonard's site about making headers. I used You can make photo collages and then write and add frames to the photos. It's free and really simple. Welcome to blogging. I am new as well and really enjoying it!

  3. I saw you on lisa's blog and just wanted to let you know I make custom banners....just sayin :)

  4. You made me laugh so much when I read this!! So funny! Glad you like the earrings!

    I just started a blog too. :)


  5. Thanks for all the response guys! Awe...I just got that warm fuzzy thing knowing that people are acctually reading the things I write!
    Glad I could put a smile on your face Leah!


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