Sunday, May 16, 2010

10 things I couldn't live without this week

  1. mother's day roses. even though they were not from the hubs.
  2. my new Wii fit plus. which was from the hubs (way to redeem yourself).
  3. coffee. this is probably going to show up every week.
  4. nagachampa. found one random stick in the bottom of a box of crap. burnt it. still love it.
  5. craigslist. i have been a junkie trying to find a place to live.
  6. the hubs. i am just so proud of him for his new promotion.
  7. great grandmother's painting. found an old oil painting that she did. can't wait to hang it up.
  8. new shoes for the little guy. he has such fat feet, finally found a pair that fit.
  9. the nikomat. started a new series of pictures documenting the development of a new flower on my peace lily. i have had it for a few years and this is only the second bloom.
  10. tetris. it's the only game that the hubs will admit that i am better at.

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