Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY: Haunted House Marble Maze

The boy has been very interested in all things that are maze and puzzle related lately.  I, being quite the puzzler myself, fully support and try to nurture the obsession.  So with all this in mind, and Halloween right around the corner, I thought that we would throw together our own little haunted house maze.  Everything needed to make this maze I pulled from my giant container of "this could be crafted" materials.  The hubs gets on my case about keeping things like shoe boxes and toilet paper tubes, but as any good crafter never know what kind of supply you are going to need.  So, here we go!

Step 1:

Gather your materials:
a shoe box lid
poster board
stickers (decorations are optional)

*tip: I was going to use elmer's glue, but realized that we were out. 
 I opted for super glue, and in the long run was really happy that I chose it 
because of how quickly it dried.

 Step 2:

Cut an opening large enough for your marble to fit through at the beginning of the maze.
With your pencil draw a sketch of your puzzle keeping your end point in mind.

*tip: Keep the size of the marble in mind when 
making your twists and turns and openings.  
Take it from someone who did a lot of erasing.

Step 3:

Cut strips of poster board about 3 inches wide.  
Fold in half and then have another quarter inch lip folded up on either side. 

*tip: Keep your poster board handy.  
I ended up cutting way more strips than I thought I would have needed.

 Step 4:

Glue the internal wall along the paths that you sketched in step 2.

Step 5:

Paint the entire maze.
After your paint is dry, you may decorate however you would like.

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