Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: Yarn Letter Ornaments

I love Anthropologie, but really....who doesn't? I rarely ever buy anything from there though, I have a really hard time justifying their hefty price tags! When I received the latest holiday catalog my heart skipped a beat.  I just fell in love with these little ornaments...


Well at $8 a pop, I couldn't possibly afford to add one to every gift that we give this year.  So the boy and I decided to make our own.  Here's how:

Step 1

collected sticks and twigs
yarn, string, and ribbon
hot glue

Step 2 

To make this project a bit more educational, 
I had the boy first draw a picture of the letter that we were going to make.  
Then I would trim the twigs down to size,
 and have him arrange them as the needed to be.  
Then I hot glued them in place.

Step 2

Loop the ribbon around the top of the letter where you want it to hang.
Don't worry about how sloppy the knot or ends look, 
they will be wrapped and covered.

Step 3

With you choice of yarn/ribbon/string combo, 
start wrapping tightly around the sticks.
Don't forget to tuck your ends in so that they can be wrapped up.

This entire project cost me $5.  I was able to find all of my yarn at a local thrift store, and then pulled the rest of my string and ribbon from my scrap box.  While I am not doing the entire alphabet, I am making about 25 ornaments to use in gift wrapping.  Happy Crafting!

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