Thursday, August 29, 2013

Before & After

I found this sweet little foot stool today on a thrifting date with my sweet friend Kelly.
It was right there staring at me when we walked in the door.
I was initially drawn to the beautiful blue fabric.
I knew it would look spectacular with my new rug, picking up some of the blue,
and the slight striations in the fabric were so pretty.

Well then I got a bit cheeky with the stool and flipped up her skirt.
Her legs were to die for! 
Who would cover those beauties up? 
I snipped the stitching on the skirt and carefully pulled it off.
Then I gave the legs a good rub down with Old English.
The stool was perfect.

(pardon all the dog hair! Stella is in dire need of a hair cut and my vacuum took a crap!)

I'd have to say that I think this stool passes the test! 
I'm in love!


  1. love it!!
    the legs remind me of the flamingoes in alice and wonderland for some reason

  2. The last picture is the best. He looks so relaxed.

    1. Yes, I am not sure who loves the stool more....Me or him! haha


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