Wednesday, April 11, 2012

in an ocean of vintage fabric.

the south florida summer heat has been creeping up on us very quickly this year. it has been HOT! nothing goes better with that heat than a new pair of shorts.  a new pair of free shorts are even better.  

for my birthday my friend christine gave me a ton of beautiful vintage fabric! i knew that it needed a special project.  fast forward to two weeks ago... after a pinterest rant on high waisted shorts, my friend brenda offered to let my borrow her fool proof high waisted shorts pattern (simplicity #3758). 

so after a little love from some friends, stitching, nipping, and tucking...viola! the perfect high waisted sfl summer short! 

p.s. lets not pay attention to how crooked the painting in the back round is! yikes.

1 comment:

  1. They turned out awesome! And the fabric is just as fabulous as you described.


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