Wednesday, April 18, 2012

thrifty finds

i had some serious luck the other day at the thrift store.
i think it was the thrift gods in my corner...i haven't been in a really long time, 
so i was due for some seriously amazing stuff.

i have been crushing on pyrex a lot lately and when i saw this
beauty from across the kitchen isle i freaked out!
i was just shy of pushing little old ladies out of my way
so that i could guarantee that mine would be the first hands to grab it.

it was filthy. but under the dirt, caked on grease, 
and chunks of questionable dried food bits, i knew she was a beauty.
so i tried the old baking soda peroxide trick....and viola! 

i also saw this beautiful pot tucked into some other larger ugly pots.
i first noticed the beautiful turquoise color popping through a crack in some lids.
i literally crawled on the floor in between two ladies arguing over a blender,
(did i mention that all this took place on senior citizen day?)
and dug it out of the mess of wrinkled up panty hoed legs, pots and pans and mismatched lids.
i pulled it out and jumped to my feet and shouted from excitement! 

this shout was like firing a gun in a field full of zombies! 
a really good way to draw attention to your fabulous luck. 
by the time i had made it back to the cart that was parked 2 feet away from me...
the vultures were swarming.

i actually had a man take the pyrex bowl out of my cart
and tell me that i shouldn't buy it.  he then tried to take the pot out of my hands.
i must of shoot him an "i will cut you" look. 
i am sure i said something smart assed to go along with that look.

i was a great trip. vintage kitchen goods, old ladies legs, and zombie vultures. 

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