Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's Go Geocaching!

Our family fun days seem to have a re-occuring theme...
We are Geocaching fools!
So much so that we bit the bullet and picked up the $10 app...ha.

There was another theme that I was trying to 
press on the boy.
I wanted him to spend time looking up!

While I know it's weird that I snapped this from a 
bathroom stall, the light pouring into the sky lights at high noon 
was too incredible to pass up.

So much of caching is spent staring at a compass on a digital screen,
and scouring the brush 
that we forget that so much of the wonder is happening over head.

We discovered these magical looking
mushrooms growing on a branch overhead.
I told him they reminded me of my favorite childhood movie,
He looked at me like I had eight heads.
note to self: rent ferngully.

If you are ever in John D. McArthur State Park,
I highly recommend the Silkleaf Trail.
It was a great little walk along the water line.
At times the trail felt a little like a jungle.
It was so lush and tropical, with that touch of 
Everglades charm.
All that rain we've had did the park well.

While I was packing up our mid hike picnic, the hubs whipped 
us up a letter "T" stamps for the cache logs.
He's used that same method I DIYed here.
It was such a wonderful, quick, 
and easy way to step up our log game! 

Can't wait for our next exploration!

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