Saturday, May 11, 2013

Random Acts of Gratitude

I have been talking about this project for some time now.  Trying to get feed back from those near and dear to me.  Sometimes I think that there is a fine line between creativity and insanity.  So I must pause to thanks those that talk me off the crazy person ledge sometimes and give me the feed back I need to be creative and inspirational.

Over the past few months I have come to notice just how inconsiderate people can be sometimes.  I gets my blood boiling thinking about how little regard people really have for one and other these days.  I think about my great grandmother who would talk to anyone.  In line and the store she would strike up conversations, she made friends with waitresses at restaurants, and she would often remind passers by to smile.  These days I am seeing the beauty of interaction with strangers in a whole new light.  Through my child, the chatter box.  This kid.  My boy says "Hello!" to everyone he passes.  Almost completely without exception.  He's a good kid.  A kind hearted boy.  He's silly too.  

All of these things combined with his love of putting stickers in creative places made me think of an idea.  He and I would create little "Acts of Gratitude".  Notes, do dads, found objects with a message, simple notes.  Then like ninja's we would randomly place them where every we went.

Today we launched our first two.  

The first one we left tucked on a shelf at Wal-Mart.
The epicenter of where people need to be reminded of how to treat each other.

This little wedge of rubber lemon reads:
"Hey You! Pick Me!
Put a Smile on your face, and pass it on!"

The second one we left on the window sill at Howley's.
It seemed like the perfect little spot, 
camouflaged among all the magazines and fliers.

It reads:
"A gift for you!!
Life is too sweet to let the sour stuff get in the way."

I have left the Turquoise Violets 
web address on the back to see if anyone responds.
I really think that it would amazing 
(and restore a little of my hope for humanity)
if someone contacted the blog saying that they found one of these
Random Acts of Gratitude.

Be on the look out!
Be Grateful

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