Friday, February 28, 2014

February Hikes

Moving to Colorado, I knew that a whole new world 
of out door adventure was going to be open up to me.
I am not the most athletic person in the world,
so you can only imagine the thoughts that race through my mind when people say:
"You are going to love learning to snowboard and ski!"
All I hear is:
"Blah blah blah blah broken leg blah blah"

But hiking, that's a little closer to my speed.
I am good a walking,
well most of the time.
Let's just say I am good at walking in 
Florida, on the beach, at sea level.

On our first adventure 
we went to Lookout Mountain.
Lucky for me…
It was flat-ish.
Yet we were in the snow up to our knees most of the time.
I was sold on hiking when one of the twins announced…
"Look at those deer over there!"
And sure and shit there were a group of deer just hanging out with us.
They were close, and didn't mind us passing by.
The boy was thrilled, waving and saying "hi deer!' as we passed.

I must note here that I had a different hike planned all together.
Having a plan and an agenda seemed like the most 
intelligent thing to do when setting out into the wilderness.

Well we got lost.
Like on the completely wrong mountain kinda lost.
I quickly learned a very important lesson…

While have a plan was good,
having an adventure was so much better.

This hike was an easy 1 mile loop,
which we learned is about the boys limit.
And the "lookout" part of Lookout Mountain…..

Yep, that's tiny little Denver down there! 
I wish that this picture did half the justice for this amazing view.
It really makes you feel so small when you look down on the earth like that.

Our second hike,
and one of my new all time favorite places,

If you have never been to Eldorado and you are in the area, 

First of all, you drive into the Town of Eldorado Springs 
which is so stinking cute and small and you instantly wonder 
about the stories that the people who live here have to tell.
Also they have a natural hot springs swimming pool here….dying to go!

This was also the first place that I saw legit
mountain climbers on crazy runs! 
The person wedged up in the rocks up there,
that's not a legit climber…just our crazy friend Brad. 

Instead of pushing ourselves to see how 
high we could hike, we took a different route.
We zig zagged up and down the canyon following the river.

We found an awesome cave, some beautiful waterfalls,
and some amazing views.

This was one of the best adventures of my life.
So many times I was faced with a case of the 
"I can'ts!"
Not just from the boy but also from myself.
Together we faced our fears of heights.
We put our faith in each other and trust in the hubs to keep us safe
and catch us if we stumbled.

We did take one more hike in February that's not listed here,
because I forgot my camera,
but if you follow me on Instagram you 
saw some of the icey good times we had at Maxwell Falls.

I can't believe that it took me so many of my
less breakable years to find such a love and passion for 
the mountains.

It's all I can think about now.
The mountains are calling my name 
and I must answer.


  1. :) I was smiling the whole time I read this. I want to see the mountains! And I adore that picture of Ash on the bridge!

    1. Girl anytime you want to get away to the mountains you are more than welcome here!


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