Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Not Homesick...

…or some other lie I kept telling myself.

Feeling "homesick" is not an emotion that I have had much
experience with.

I remember as a kid my sisters getting homesick on long stays
with extended family.
I remember the other kids at sleep away camp crying the selves to sleep because
they missed their mommies.
Even as an adult I have seen my peers plagued with the old homesickness.
But myself, nope, never experienced it.

Over the past few months I've been trying to convince myself that this was true.
I can't be depressed or homesick, 
I love my new life here way too much.
It just doesn't make sense.
It was absolutely not and option for me.

But as the days got closer and closer for 
my quick trip back to Lake Worth, FL,
it became very clear to me.
I was feeling it.  That void.
dun dun duhhh 
I was homesick...
and in denial.

(As if the moping around and unexplainable tears were not a dead giveaway.)

I missed the familiarity of all of it.
Knowing where the good thrift stores are, knowing where 
to eat a good dinner with perfect strangers, 
spending hours just laughing and talking
with women who know me and accept me.
Slumber parties with crafts and Neil Diamond.
Breathing in the salt air.

I missed it all.

The only solution was to be immersed in it for 
a few days.

Now I am back to feeling like myself again.
Back in my home.  With my boys.
In Colorado.
Right where I belong.
But it's as if someone hit my reset button.

Thank you so much to my amazing host,
Kelly you sure know how to make me feel better.
And a big thanks to everyone that took time out of their busy lives to 
come and cure my homesickness.

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