Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY: Organic Moisturizing Hair Mask

For 30 years I've dealt with the
humidity frizzy poof that was my head of hair.
Since moving out west I've come to quickly find a
whole new hair trouble….

Wintery Dry Hair.

Ends that are dry and fried beyond belief,
dry itchy scalp,
and fragile strands that want to give up and break.

After a quick trip to the pantry and then the medicine cabinet,
I present to you a very easy 
DIY Organic Moisturizing Hair Mask


1.5 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil
1.5 Tbsp Organic Raw Honey
5 drops Peppermint Oil
5 drops Vitamin E Oil

Step 1:

In a small sauce pan mix all four ingredients and stir together over low heat.
You may need to vary the amount of honey and coconut oil that you use.  
I have very thick shoulder length hair.

Step 2:

Transfer to a bowl.
Separate your hair into small easily workable sections.

Step 3:

With you bare hands apply the warm mixture to the sections of hair 
focusing on the ends. 
Warning: the mixture may be hot! 
Wrap your hair up onto your head and wait about 40 mins before washing out


Why bare hands?  
Soak up some of that added moisture on those dry hands.

Why is this so messy?
Working with oil and honey can be a giant sticky mess! 
Make sure that you wrap a towel over your shoulders so that you don't ruin your clothes.
I also applied in the tub so that anything that dripped didn't make an even bigger mess.

Don't waste your left overs!
I had just enough left over oily goodness to apply to my face and neck.
Coconut oil and honey makes a great face mask.
The oil softens and smooths your skin, while the honey heals and evens skin tone.
I just smeared it on and let it sit the entire time the hair mask was on.

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