Thursday, January 24, 2013


When I told Brenda that I wanted to spend Day 19 going to a "u-pick farm",
 I had a vision of laboring out in a field.
So you can imagine my confusion when I pulling into a strip mall plaza 
that she had suggested for our family outing.

As soon as the initial shock wore off I saw that sweet strawberry car,
and I knew Brenda would never steer me wrong.
The Girls U-Pick Strawberries had all the kids screaming with excitement.

You enter through the country store that is stocked full of 
yummy fresh baked goods and homemade ice cream.
The shelves are full of "cracker barrel-esque" gifts and trinkets.
Local canned goods and hot sauces, gum balls and pop guns,
 needless to say our head were spinning.

When you step through the back door you are greeted by a beautiful garden filled with the squawks of hundreds of birds in the rescues sanctuary, turtles munching heads of lettuce and donkeys poking their noses at you.

All of this is surrounded by a back drop of strawberry pathces and cherry tomato plants.
And the kids were off.

No one was even that disappointed that the strawberries were not ready to be picked.
Laughs and giggles were interjected between each joyous pluck of a juicy red cherry tomato. 

These were the fruits of our child labor.  

We all had such a great time. 
The store even sells my favorite hard to find hot sauce, 
so need less to say, we will be back!


  1. very cute outing. I LOVE seeing your posts.

    1. Thanks so much Jamie! I was such an adorable place!


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