Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dry Erase Wall Calender

I finally finished 2010's first craft project! My step mom can't believe that after all the crafting i did over the holidays that i would have anything left in me. but for those of you who know me personally i don't know what day it is without a calander.....SO......after searching for a while and not wanting to give in to the calender of baby photos made courtesy of "SnapFish"....i decided just to make my own! I refinished the frame and hand cut the calender from scrapbook paper.

And in the process of hanging the calender i was inspired to give the kitchen a little re-arrange! i have been re-arranging all over the house lately. it's so refreshing you know!?!?!?

oh...i also ripeed this picture of a "thinking of you" card my step mom sent me a while ago and made it into a magnet! i just love this picture! i reminds me so much of all of my girlfriends!

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