Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Stella...

So Stella, our 2 year old pup, is full of constant entertainment! For those of you who know my dog, you know what I mean, and those of you who don't, well let's just say that she should have her own TV show!
Stella has a little bit of a sensitive tummy sometimes. And by sensitive tummy, I mean expensive taste! She just can't handle inexpensive dog food... it makes her puke. I don't blame her!
So, since we are all eating healthier as a household, and I am on this whole food eating kick, I thought I would give making dog food a try.
I have known many people in the past that make their own dog food. My old boss used to feed his pure bread pups whatever leftovers were in the fridge. An old friends mom used to make Spanish style chicken and rice everyday for his dogs. But as of recently one of my closest, and more sensible friends Jessica, of BirdLime Photography, introduced me to the answer! SoJo's! So it seems pretty easy...just add chicken and veggies!

But I thought we would do an experiment tonight, before I spend $30 on a giant bag of feed. I made some chicken and carrots and mixed them with a small amount of her yucky food. You know just to see if she was I crazy of coarse she was interested.
Now normally, Stella LOVES carrots! Tonight, this happened:

She did eventually clean up all the carrot pieces that she spit out, and loved her little concoction. So the verdict.... I think that i need to buy the SoJo's!

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