Saturday, January 16, 2010

Since my facination with all things handmade has become more of a way of life, I have been obssesed with hand stamped jewelery. "Item #1 on my 2010 Wish List" is an adorable name tag pendant.

I showed this necklace to my hubs last night telling him how much I loved this necklace hoping that if I dropped enought hints then maybe, just maybe I could have a necklace like this....
WELL, get this! Turns out my father-in-law has a set of stamps collecting dust in his workshop, and my hubs knows exactly how to make these lovely little pendants! I feel like he's been holding out on me! And evidently this set is not just's letters, numbers, and symbols in all different sizes. Hubs thinks there are probably over 100 excuse me?!?!?!? Why am I just finding out about this!

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