Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. antibiotics. i am not normally one to take a lot of medication. as a matter of fact, i kind of hate it. i'd rather have a cup of soup, hot tea, and vitamin c. but after many days of trying to heal myself the "homemade" way i gave up. but i am feeling much better now.
2. lots of movies and popcorn. the boy was such a trooper this week. he knew i felt like crap, and he did his best to take it easy with me.
3. the boy had his trial gymnastics class this week. it was an awesome evening of flips and jumps and joy. he loved the class and has been begging to go back ever since. can't wait until october when his class starts.
4. feeling better i finally made it back to ballet.'s amazing what 13 days of illness will do to a person. it was tough, but i made it through the class. it felt amazing to be back.
5. the boy and i made plans with some friends to go to leapin' lizards for a play date this week. the best part was that the hubs surprised us and met us for some hanging out and jumping around! love that man.
6. saturday morning at 8am came very early this week, but what more could you ask for than the hubs and the boy already smelling of sunscreen and sporting their bathing suits jumping on the bed chanting "beach! beach! beach!" we got the best parking spot at the beach, dug an impressive hole, swam, skimboarded. it was a perfect early morning beach trip.
7. i went grocery shopping alone this week....enough said.
8. date night! the hubs and i decided with all my feeling under the weather and about to leave for another night was in order! we planned to see a movie...that didn't work. so then we tried to have dinner at our new favorite was closed. so we ended up at our favorite little irish pub eating fried foods and drinking beers with friends!
9. you ever set a plan that completely falls through but you end up having a blast getting distracted. this morning we tried to go buy a beach umbrella (that is much harder than you would think) and a velcro toss toy (also impossible to find) to take to the beach. we ended up driving all over town in monsoon rain storms and playing tag in gander mountain. oh it was a blast.
10. my new candy necklace. yum.

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