Thursday, August 11, 2011

bee global

on our western north carolina artisan adventure we stopped in to the bee global gallery. what an amazing and refreshing experience. from the second i stepped out of the car i knew that this place was going to be special. the contemporary building is beautifully and organic placed among hills and fields of wild flowers. there is a calming "buzz" almost like a hum all over the gardens and in the gallery.
the gallery and the gardens are full of the perfect mix of old and new. i found out that the bee keeper wife is also an avid bottle collector which made me adore them even more! the smells from the candles (and hives) that fill your nose inside the gallery are fresh and natural and not at all overwhelming or perfumy. all of the beautiful lanterns are made with flowers from the garden.
i fell in love with these giant hanging hive sculptures. and bonus, they are repurposed from plastic bags. i love recycled/repurposed art. they were so awesome.

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