Thursday, August 4, 2011

28 minus 20 equals 12?

my baby sister isn't much of a baby anymore. as a matter of fact she's growing up quite quickly. last night we had a pretty confusing conversation about her actual age. we have always been 20 years apart....things like that just don't change, but in my head i was convinced that she was in her tweens. but the math just wasn't adding up. i know that i am not in my 30's (yet). as we were cruising the lake on the jet ski i kept counting....28 minus 20 equals 8....but you are at least 12...huh? she finally settled it for me....she's really only 8. i guess i get it, my entire childhood everyone always thought that i was older too.
back to the jet ski....she was driving. my sister, my baby sister is absolutely fearless compared to my grandma jet ski driving. she goes fast....way faster than i would ever dare. she knows all the fun maneuvers and loves nothing more that jumping the wakes. i am not sure which she gets a bigger kick out of though, the rush of the ride or the fact that her oldest sister is hanging on for dear life and squealing with joy.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm the biggest chicken!! Hope you are having a great time!!!

  2. adore that photo- lake life for the win!!


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