Friday, March 2, 2012

let's talk tomatoes

we all know that i love tomatoes! i love eating them. i love growing them. i love the way the plants smell. i love it all. last season i had quite a bit of success with my outdoor tomato plant, that is until the pests took over. so this year i thought i would try an indoor 'patio' plant. 

let me just say...i am not so thrilled. i have yet to taste the fruit of my labors.  i have two tomatoes on the plant that are almost ripe and ready to picked.  but these two little guys (and i mean mean little) have been growing for what feels like months now. last year i was picking tomatoes on the regular.  

these better be the best tomatoes i have every grown! why can't i just have beautiful raised beds like these?

some day. ah some day!

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