Thursday, March 1, 2012

thankful thursday

"life is full of little pleasures", and playing in the rain is one of my new favorites.

i was so excited for our zoo playdate that i decided that some rain clouds were not going to stop me from attempting a super fun day with the boy and the burton girls. we got to the zoo and within the first few moments of being there the sky opened up and really gave it to us! i mean we didn't even make it in the front entry way...soaked.

mind you we were meeting up with brenda and her three girls.  this thankful thursday is truly dedicated to her.  let me just give you a mental image here... twin 3 year olds, an increasingly independent 16 month old, brenda - hair done and looking adorable as usual...oh and did i that she's 31 weeks pregnant?  anyone else would have bowed out from this playdate as soon as the rain started falling. but nope, not this woman. we ran for cover and the kids splash and ran in the rain until they were covered in goose bumps and shivering.  she so effortlessly and gracefully stuck it out to ensure that her kids were having an amazing time. (i think she had fun too!)

when there was a break in the rain we made a dash for the covered picnic area and changed into dry-ish clothes and ate some lunch.  all in all the day was full of laughs, purple lipped toddlers, and hot chocolate.

so what is it that i am thankful for here? simple. i am so thankful that i have friends in my life that are so willing to roll with the punches.  there are great moments in the day that can unfold if you are willing to stick it out through the rain.

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