Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiration Lookbook: Natural Beauty

I have been feeling super inspired lately.
It's probably all the wood grain in this new house,
or maybe it's the hot summer heat,
but I am craving everything earth tone and brass with lots of pops of color!

Here is an up close of a little DIY I am working on!
Give me more brass!!!!!

This is one of the little bookshelf nooks in the new house. 

Look at all the wood, turquoise, and brass!!!
This makes me want to paint something.

My great grandmothers oil painting has become a color pallet of sorts.

I just adore this print from Pocket Tiger!
Too bad it's sold out!

You know how I told you there was wood grain all around me?
This is my beautiful ceiling!

Stop and take a look around you.
Be inspired by the things you love.
It's so simple to look at things like famous people in magazines 
for inspiration on things like hair color.
But why not draw your inspiration from your own life.
Be what you love and love who you are.

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