Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you T.S. Andrea for THE BEST HAIR DAY EVER!!!!

Before we get started,
that title was intended to be read in a "megaphone announcer" voice.
If you did not give it your best go the first time
just hop back up there and then catch up.....

I know what you are thinking....
best ever? 

Well let me tell you.
You would think that after three weeks straight of 
piss poor weather, and the latest rain bands of 
good ole' T.S. Enough Already,
that my hair would look like I just stuck my finger in a socket.

You are correct.
I am not exactly sure what the magic was but today's hair...
pretty freaking rad!
And this girl got soaked in the rain. Twice. 
And went for a very humid ride in the Jeep.
Or was it my new shampoo?
Only time and better weather will tell.
What ever it was,
my tangled mess and mother nature where at one today.

sorry about the crinkled up old lady face.
I am tired.
And I just ruined the cupcakes for tomorrow's
baby shower.

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