Sunday, June 23, 2013

New uses for old things

One of my absolute favorite things about moving is the total blank slate.
I love taking all of my treasures and belongings
and finding not only new homes for them,
but also new uses.

Bookshelves that used to be jam packed with craft supplies
now become storage for all of our "keep sakes".
Kitchen clocks become bedroom clocks.
A table that used to function as a front door catch all
returns to it's original calling as a dressing table.

Even things that used to be hidden away in storage from your childhood
find new homes as added pops of pink!

But one of my favorite new uses for old things so far in this crazy
unpacking and organizing process has got to be

I was given this very sweet little magnetic sewing pin container as a gift 
from a friends mom.
In the old house it had no home. 
No job.
It literally just was tucked away into a box for a rainy day.

Then I realized that not only was she perfect for my great great grandmothers 
dressing table, but she had a secret hidden potential 
to house and organize my bobby pins.


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