Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week:

1. splash parks. it's been super hot and 1000% (yeah that's right i said 1000%) humidity. the only way to keep cool is to be able to run through the sprinklers. thank god for splash parks.
2. found a great new blog with the hippest DIYs. i can't wait to go buy some hex nuts to try this one.
3. celebrating a full day of family fun on the boys birthday. we went to the dr, don't shots on the birthday...that would be cruel. we hit up some story time, and then went to out to lunch. after a much needed group nap we went to the boys favorite water park and topped the whole day off with "steggy" brownies.
4. robots: the movie. and my netti pot. these allergies are kicking the butts of everyone in the house. even the dog. the only thing we can all agree on is snuggling and watching movies.
5. my first new ballet class. i have graduated from the senior citizens class (plus the class ended... until october... when all the snowbirds comeback). my local dance school offers an adult ballet class and by adult they mean two 17 yr olds, an 18 yr old, and me. i went from one end of the age spectrum to the other. but this class....i can't tell you how much i love this class. i was pushed to my limits and discovered beautiful lines. i can't wait until tomorrow night for my next class.
6. a quick trip to crash my sister beach vacation. my sister paige (who you can see here and here) was taking a post graduation girls beach condo getaway. when she told me that she was going to be just an hour north of me i had to drop everything to go see her. so me and the boy crashed the party and hung out with her and all her fantastic friends for a few hours. it was so great to see her.
7. getting to see some good old friends. we had an amazing weekend hanging out on the porch, swimming in the ocean, and listening to rock and roll. what a much need synergy session.
8. father's day realizations. i spent so much of my life blaming my dad for making me the way that i was, and now that i am that "way" i couldn't thank him enough. all of the life lessons are finally making sense. i understand the importance of building a strong character. i get it. thank you.
9. speaking of great dad's, can't forget the hubs. today is it, day 20. the 20 days of praise ends today. but my gratitude will never end for this man. he works harder than anyone i know, and still finds time to take care of me and the boy. we are very lucky to have such a wonderful father, friend, and husband. i love you damion, and all the little things you do.
10. new blog friends. just can't get enough of jessica sutton and all the wonderful things she does! check out her newest endeavor, directory-B.

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