Thursday, June 30, 2011

mixed emotions

i know it wasn't easy to part with this lovely mixer, but my amazing sister-in-law passed this down to me. after unloading it from my car and onto my kitchen counter, it was obvious to me why she had such an emotional attachment to it. and so begins my love affair with my kitchen aide. i can not thank you enough bitsy! check out these cookies that me and the boy made....they are delicious!


  1. i am so happy to give you the aide! I know you will take good care of her! may you make many yummy treats with it. The attachments will be mailed out in the next few days, so happy baking! I love your blog and your photo talents. Continued success!! Love...Bits

  2. oh bitsy like i said! i just can't find the right words to thank you! i am kind of overwhelmed by your generosity. the photograph above was actually taken specifically for you. i heard you and linda discussing black and whites a lot the past weekend so i thought what better way to thank you then with a print. you should be expecting this one in the mail! love you.


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