Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY: s-hook bracelets & giveaway

CONGRATS! are the winner!
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thanks for playing everyone...and keep reading for more handmade giveaways!

so i mentioned the other day that i am a bit obsessed with honestly wtf and her amazing DIY's. well i have had these two headbands in my "needs repair" box for quite sometime, and thought that they would be the perfect recycling project. they were never really great headbands anyway, so why not make them into something new. so borrowing some ideas from here, this is what i came up with:

i disassembled the two headbands. it was kind of ironic how difficult this first step was considering how easily they both broke in the first place. after taking them apart and discarding the excess materials. (side note: i did not throw away the elastic, i never throw away good elastic, it can always be reused, and in this case it's the perfect set up for two future headbands)

so you will need a hot glue gun, jewelry pliers, an s-hook, and some finishing ribbon.

using your pliers, close each end of the the s-hook a bit, but not all the way. glue each end of the braided leather down so that there is a loop for the s-hook to slide through. i glued one end directly to the s-hook for stability. then simply wrap and glue the ribbon around the overlapped leather. this step is not only to help finish the ends, but also to add some extra support. and then you are done. it's really so easy.

and what everyone wants to know about...THE GIVEAWAY!
ok so here is the deal...leave a comment below and on June 30th at 9pm a winner will be chosen at random. the lucky winner will receive the champagne s-hook bracelet pictured above. good luck and thanks for reading!


  1. Love that you show the steps! If I had time (and the tools) I think I might actually be able to do this with your instructions :) So crafty Erin! Love following your blog.

  2. Your blog inspires me to be crafty :) Really enjoy reading all the great ideas you have. Keep up the great work!

  3. i have those exact ones! they both broke at the same time, funny how that happens. can i mail mine for you to do and add your special crafty touch :) love your blog...its wicked ;)

  4. wow. i really love these. i love them even more because they are recycled. it also gave me an inspiration for putting to use those old woven belts we all wore in highschool (and that are available at every thrift for a buck or 2) to make a heftier, wider version to mix in with these dainty ones. love it!

  5. This is super cute :) Love your blog and this giveaway!

  6. I love these! Although I am a little upset that the hairbands no longer exist :)

  7. your blog keeps me coming back..sure do enjoy the bracelets and really loved the fort kit!

  8. I love these bracelets!! i cant wait to find items that could use a creative makeover. Keep up the great ideas

  9. Super cute... pick me pick me =) xoxo


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