Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wardrobe re-fashion

this re-fashioning was one of my favorite/hardest things i've made. between the directions for creating my own chevron fabric to the directions for installing an invisible zipper (which i have not done in about 15 years) there was a lot of confusion. there were many moments where i would just find myself staring at all the cut up fabric thinking "was this a good idea? should i have just destroyed one of my favorite skirts? is this even possible?" but the pencil skirt turned out exactly how i wanted it too... thanks to the help of my new favorite book... the little green dress. i highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about pattern making. i might cry when i have to bring it back to the library! so here is it the before & after. hope you like it.



oh, and i totally realized that i got so caught up in making this skirt that i forgot sunday's 10 things i couldn't live without. my bad. it will be back next sunday.


  1. Amazing, babe. The skirt is cool too.

  2. It came out fantastic Erin!!! I'm going to have to check that book out. I'm always searching for patterns that fit what I have in my head, and I usually settle for something subpar, I've never tried to make my own pattern.

  3. incredible work!

  4. brenda - i never thought that i would be able to make my own patter, but after reading this book, i think that i could easily do it again. there is a lot of math involved though!

  5. you are so talented in so many ways, erin! you glow in all of your pictures! family life agrees with you!

  6. thanks mia! i miss you terribly and wonder how you are doing all the time! i love your website...looks like you are doing some pretty fun stuff! we eventually need to do some collaborative stuff!


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