Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. alone time. monday the boys school had an all day halloween party so i brought him in....even though i didn't have to work.  i toyed with the idea all weekend and couldn't decide if i could justify sending him to daycare for no reason. well the guilt sunk in come monday morning. how could i deprive him of a fun party at school? so dropped him off for a few hours and i got to go grocery shopping alone! it was amazing!
2. halloween was a huge success this year. i am pretty sure that it was the best family costumes that we've ever done! can't wait for next year!
3. the hubs blog is blowing up huge! and all the things he's written about are all so sweet. i can't lie....there have been a few posts that have brought tears to my eyes.
4. trick or treating with the boys friend violet. we never  get to see her anymore, but we had to keep our trick or treating tradition. last year they had a blast together and this year was so much better! they are both a year older and watching them interact with each other is so much fun. they were a fearless little duo!
5. finally watched the vidal sasson movie. it was amazing, inspirational, and moving.  even if you are not a hairstylist i recommend it. great movie about a legend.
6. thank you notes in the mail for no reason. i received a "thank you" from my dearest sweet Jessica. it was just to thank me for being me.  i mean how flippin' sweet! everyone deserves a friend like her.
7. while i am on the topic....i am so pumped up for jess and jonny (of our august fame)! they finally found their perfect apartment in the BK! when can i come visit?
8. i was starting to feel a little down about missing out on all the prime yard sales lately! since i am normally driving to work during yard sale time.  but when i saw that my friends were doing a sunday yard sale i jumped in the car and headed over! scored some amazing finds! (thanks kelly) and even realized on my way home that there were more yard sales in the neighborhood...scored a few more items as well.
9. the hubs took the boy to gumbo limbo nature center this weekend. while i am totally jealous that i didn't get to go, i am so excited to go with them eventually. they haven't stopped talking about how amazing it was.
10. speaking of the amazing you know that man ordered pizza for dinner to surprise me after my long day at work......that man sure knows how to make me happy.

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