Monday, November 21, 2011

november is for giving thanks: day 19 & 20

first off, let me just apologize for the 2 day hiatus. i think you will understand after reading.

this past weekend a very loved, respected, and important man was lost. my husbands uncle richard.  i never had the honor of meeting uncle richard, but he's one of those kinds of people that you feel like you have known for ever... even though you only know him through pictures and family stories.  the sudden death really got me to thinking.

there are no pictures that can portray how thankful i am for my family, and in this particular instance, my dad.  seldom do we think about what would happen if our fathers were suddenly taken out of our lives.  now i know that everyones idea of sudden is relative, but i am talking mostly about the here fine and healthy and then gone in a matter of no time. uncle richard tripped and punctured a lung, and passed a few days later.  how do you loose a father when you have no time to prepare yourself?

on a completely other side of the hubs life, his work like, one of the higher-up father's was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. the cancer had spread and taken over most of his body by the time that it was discovered. over the past few months the hubs has shared the few small details about this man and his family with me. the family is keeping the hole thing very quiet in honor of the father.  i am semi-close to a few people in this family and my heart breaks for them every time i think about the sudden nature of his illness.

all of this sadness revolving around fathers really got me to thinking about what would happen if our fathers were suddenly gone. what would i do if my father were suddenly gone? what about the boy, what if he suddenly lost his daddy? tell them how thankful you really are. you never know when you will no longer have the opportunity.

my thoughts are with all of the families involved in this post.

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