Monday, July 29, 2013

How To: the perfect beach wave

So here's the secret! 
To achieve the perfect beach wave,
go to the beach. play. swim. cruise top down in the jeep.

Well, actually there was more to it than that.

Step 1:

We actually did spend the morning at the beach playing 
in the waves.  So honestly that was my "base".
And let's face it there is nothing more authentic then actual BEACH waves.

Step 2:

I only wash my hair about every 4-5 days,
and I just washed it yesterday.
But to protect it from damage and dryness and to get the sand out
I gave it a really good scrub with a super moisturizing conditioner.
I am talking scalp, roots, ends. The works.
Using this:

My favorite, not only does it smell just like summer, 
it absolutely does the trick for this crazy mane.

Now to forewarn you. 
Not everyone can get away with this method.
My hair is very thick, wavy, and well frizz is an's more like Fro.
So in this South Florida humidity I need all the moisture and weight I can get.

While in the shower,
I used a pick to comb the conditioner through and actually part 
my hair and place it exactly where I wanted it to dry.
I waited a few minutes and then rinsed.

Step 3:

This is the important part, especially for you other fro-ed out counterparts.
What ever you do DO NOT wrap your hair up in a towel.
With your towel in hand (not on head) 
gently squeeze as much water as you can out of your hair.
(I have also been told to keep frizz down use paper towels instead,
but we barely use paper towels....such a waste.)

Step 4:

I then covered all my hair with 

This is a go to, everyday, must have for my hair.
The uses for this product are endless, and all of the essential oils 
not only smell amazing, but are so soothing on my normally 
sensitive scalp.

Then I emulsified about a nickel sized amount of this

in my hands.
Starting from the back of my hair,
I scrunched this into my waves very gently.
It's very important not to jostle them too much.

Step 5:

After not touching at all and letting my hair air dry
 for about 20 minutes,
the boy and I took a top down cruise in the Jeep.
Once it was dry it was pretty much fluff and go!

the perfect beach waves

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