Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

A few years back as I was catching up with an old college friend and his wife,
they kept telling me that they were now living simply.
It really seemed to be a main theme in our conversation,
but I have to honest; I wasn't really sure what they had meant.

Living Simply?
It really can mean so many things.
To me it's more than just de-cluttering our stuff and our minds.
It's more than using only what you need and reducing your waste.
It's really truly living gently.
It's living with intention, respect, and awareness.
It's showing gratitude to the Earth and those that also inhabit this beautiful place with us.

However the most important aspect of a simple life to me is
wrapping my head around what is right for me and my family and what is not.
Once we have chosen what is not right for us, for our home, for our lifestyle, for our belief system,
we simply put it aside without judgment or criticism.

For someone who decides that living a grateful and simple life,
the realization that not all people find happiness and satisfaction in the same things is 
the greatest enlightenment.
Let go of what is not for you.
Put it aside.
Do not judge.
Do not complain.
Just let it be.

My life and my theories are not perfect, but I am grateful for them all.
Be grateful & inspire.

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