Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm a walking TSA nightmare!

Upon my arrival home from North Carolina,
I opened my bag to find this lovely little note to inform
me that TSA had raided my bag.
Golly, I couldn't imagine what might have triggered that bag search.
(on a side note can we briefly think about the amounts of dirty underwear 
those poor people have to rummage through each day....yuck!)

On this summer vacation to the lake I promised 
myself (and the hubs) that I wouldn't spend money on souvenirs,
even though some of my favorite things come from up there!
Like my body oils from BeeGlobal and my tea mugs from Yellow Branch.
As a matter of fact we didn't even go to either of these places this year.
Which was probably best for my pocket book.

Instead I filled my camera with about a million amazing photographs,
and went the free-gan route and collected things from around the lake to take home.
Although I did have to shell out a small amount of dough for a pound of Appalachian honey! 

Here is what I came home with.

So what could have possibly set of TSA to search my bag?
I don't know? 

 There is the giant honey jar.
Or maybe it was the ziplock baggy full of moss (that I am sure looked like something else),
or maybe it was the fact that I just walked through security with an 
arm full of drift wood, completely ignoring the giant sign that read

Regardless, all my treasures made it home safely.
And all of my undies were in my suitcase right where I left them.
Happy travels and sorry Knoxville TSA for being a walking nightmare!

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