Thursday, July 18, 2013

I saw this on Pinterest: Yummy Balls

A few days ago I saw these adorable little 
cookie dough-ish looking balls with a recipe right under them.
It seemed to good/easy to be true.
It read:

2 ripe bananas, 1 cup quick oats, 

1/2 c choc chips, 1 heaping spoonful of natural peanut butter.. 

mix well, plop spoonfuls onto baking sheet, bake at 350 for 15 mins. 

Delicious! #healthy

So... I did what I do and I scavenged my cabinets to find
that I sort of had all the ingredients.
I used dates instead of chocolate chips, and almond butter instead of peanut,
and then for half of the batch I added in a tsp of dark cocoa powder.

The funny thing though is that they looked nothing like the picture I had Pinned.
Now I know that this is a common anomaly of Pinterest, 
and you can't believe everything you see on the internet, but I was still baffled. 

The good new though,they are delicious.
I had to hide them from the boy to keep him from eatting them all!

Well upon my confusion I decided to do a little more research into that 
original Pin to find that the recipe that was given
 was not at all what was pictured.
that you can find over at Averie Cooks.
So I guess that I am going to have to try those now too! Ha.

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