Wednesday, September 14, 2011

coming up for air

well over the past few weeks i have sort of fallen behind on the ole' blog.  between all the traveling i have been trying to catch up and return my family's life back to some normalcy.

but more importantly i have been faced with the rearing head of the terrible two monster! so a ton of my time has been devoted to taming the beast and trying not to loose my cool!

on a maintenance note:
i've been struggling with a bit of writers block.  with the constant desire to keep things fresh and entertaining i have found myself feeling a bit stale with words and ideas and inspiration. this is where i need your help! you guys are always so great at expressing to me what an inspiration i am to i need some muses of my own.  tell me what you want to see and read! give me your thoughts, your wishes, and all your good ju-ju's.

and i promise, things will return to normal.

all the love in the world.


  1. Let's see some fall crafting/ recipes! I'm hooked on trying to find projects for the fall on line right now, and I'm sure you have some phenomenal ideas in that head of yours!

  2. I love making pillows, I think I could handle curtains; but shirts and pants that fit blow my mind. Maybe your mom could be a guest on this one? Or do you make your own shirts and pants?


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