Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY: succulent wall garden

i've been crushing over these living art wall hangings and just had to make my own....and i thought i would share. so here is what you will need. to start you need a shadow boxed picture frame.  i found this one a while ago thrifting and it worked perfect for the project. you are also going to need quite a few succulent clippings, enough to almost fill your frame. you need potting soil, hardware cloth, wire cutters, a staple gun, and a pencil. 

step 1:
a few days before you are ready to start your wall garden, 
clip you succulents and strip the bases to allow them to callus.  

step 2:
measure and cut your hardware wire to fit on the inside of the picture frame. 
if you have a file, file down the sharp edges of the hardware wire.
 (note: for your own safety your should curl back the edges of the 
extra hardware cloth....that stuff is deadly!)

step 3:
you need to best water proof the inside of your shadow box. 
i tried using modge podge, but next time i may try to line it with plastic.

step 4:
staple the hardware cloth the inside of the frame. 
attach the shadow box.

step 5:
fill the frame with potting soil. 
begin to plant your succulents using the pencil to poke holes in the soil.

step 6:
continue planting the succulents giving them ample space to grow and fill in.  
once they are all planted, keeping the frame laying flat for about a week
 to allow the clippings to begin to take root.
after it's rooted you are ready to hang it.
take down and water once a week, 
or if you are keeping it in a humid place you can water less.

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