Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY: trunk end table

i have a super special DIY to share with you guys today! this little project is something that the hubs and i have been talking about for quite some time, and on day one of our "stay-cation" we decided to finally make it!

the hubs has had this trunk for who knows how long.  it served great purpose as our tv stand forever, but has recently graduated to fabric storage....and now fabric storage/end table.

ok, so here's what you'll need: 4 x 1" diameter 12" long galvanized nipples (pipes), 4 x 1" galvanized end caps, 4 x 1" galvanized falanges, 4 x wood blocks (4"x4"), 16 machine screws and bolts.
you will also need a ruler, marking pen, and power drill 

measure and mark where the falanges will be attached to the bottom of the trunk.  pre-drill the holes in the bottom of the trunk.

adhere the wood block to the inside of the trunk directly over the pre-drilled holes.

once the glue is dry drill holes through the wood blocks.

attach all 4 falanges.

attach the end caps to the ends of all 4 pipes.

screw the legs into the bottom of the trunk and .... (tada).....

big shout out to the hubs for making me this awesome table! 

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