Monday, September 19, 2011

a peak inside: the garden

things have been growing like crazy around the garden so i thought i would give you a quick peak to see all the green!

all of the aloe you see in these pictures came from the one large aloe growing in the back round.  can you believe that it started off as on of those $0.99 1" pots? i can't. this thing is huge now and growing babies faster than i can re-pot! if anyone would like some aloe please let me know!

this is my fun new spicy global basil plant. a gift from my friend who has an over population of basil on her patio. it's like the worlds most delicious problem. haha.

a group of clippings from a pencil cactus that was a gift from the mother in law about a year ago.  my pencil cactus started as just a single clipping, and now she's 3 feet tall and growing out of control.  take a peak below.  if anyone would like clippings of their own just let me know.

have you ever chopped the top off of a pineapple and stuck it in the dirt? well this is what wait and wait and wait and nothing happens. then one day you realize that what used to be the size of a normal pineapple top is now gigantic (about 3 ft. around), but still no pineapple. we will continue to look inside every day until my juicy little friend appears!

i've got succulents popping up like crazy! but that's a good thing. they make me so happy, and i am planning some really awesome DIY's for the holidays. keep you posted.

one of the newest additions to the household.  this baby spider plant is from a clipping off a spider plant that i have been plant sitting.  it is still blowing my mind how fast it's growing and to think that it started off looking like the picture below.

another clipping off the spider excited about all the plant babies.  and if you are wondering exactly what's happening here...i found that using that clear fake cd that comes with the blanks is great for suspending the clipping over water to help it grow roots.

...more aloe and succulents from the outside mommies. 

and this is the newest addition to the succulent collection. i just love how green and hearty this plant is.  i fear that in my older age i am going to become the "crazy plant lady" instead of the "crazy cat lady".

hope you enjoyed the little peak of what's happening in my garden. what's happening in yours?

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  1. The clear cd thing is genius!!! Loving all the succulents!


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