Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. first and for most i have to give a huge shout to the hubs! there is absolutely no way i would have made it through this week without him! he's been such a huge help with all the changes happening in our house.  i love him more than words can explain for allowing me the opportunity to live out my dreams!
2. i officially started my new job this week. everyone at the david k space has made my first week so amazing! i have learned so many new things and made a great new group of friends! a huge thanks is in order for making me feel so welcome!
3. i wore more make up this week than i have have in the entire past year.  i forgot how good it feels to look pretty everyday.
4. the boy started his first day of pre-school this week. the transition has been a little hard on everyone, and i am not going to lie, i have cried on more than one occasion about being away from him. but he really seems to be loving it! i also really think that i can already see a big difference in his behavior, speech, and agility.
5. i mentioned to the hubs that i wanted some kind of cool box to keep all my make up in and that man built me one out of broken skateboard decks. wait until you see this thing.....he never stops amazing me! and i have finally convinced him to make me some skateboard jewelry....i can't wait for our next day off!
6. the season premier of dexter....need i say more?
7. we walked/hid from the rain the 2011 making strides against breast cancer walk today with the hubs work friends.  we always enjoy this event, but this year we had horrible rain and wind to the point where we had to bail out of the walk and run for cover. the poor boy was soaked and freezing. so we waited at the finish line for the rest of the group and then made our way out for lunch.  what a great way to spend a sunday morning.
8. i have always been a mom that swore against the family bumper stickers. you know the one's with the mom and dad and the kids and pets.  the hubs and i were just too cool for that! haha well guess who's is sporting stickers on the back of her car? that's my sister in law found the cutes/coolest family stickers! each one of us is represented by a skull and cross bone, the boys with mohawks and my with a bow....and there is even a puppy skull and cross bone for stella.
9. i had never made ribs before and after the hubs nicely brought it to my attention that all i ever cook anymore is chicken, i thought i would venture out of my comfort zone and make his favorite....ribs!  well i have to tell you, i nailed it. they were so good and so easy! now that i know, he can expect to be seeing them more often!
10. my uncle left me one of the nicest messages that just made my week, so i have to share. larry said:
You have always been a beautiful child! 
But the beauty of your soul and spirit
 as a woman and a mother 
continue to grow and blossom.
 May you be happy for all of your years!

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