Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1.  a double dose of dance class again this week. so my classes are on monday nights, and i am still sore from last monday.
2. wrapped up an amazing week long "stay-cation" with the hubs. we got so much done around the house and so many fun family moments!
3. got to join the amazing davidk space crew for staff movie night at the blind monk.  chris rock's good hair was hilarious and my new co-workers are awesome!
4. got some amazing thirfty finds this week! check them out here and here.
5. i found myself up to my elbow in potting soil a few times this week.  i finished my hanging succulent wall garden, added a ton of new succulents to the garden family, and repotted a ton of clippings.
6. the burton's hosted a kids craft day where we started to make paper mache pumpkins! i can't wait to share pictures from this super fun day! unfortunately we didn't have time to finish the pumpkins, but i guess that means that we are going to have to have another play date!
7. i would like to proudly state that we are out of diapers! the boy has proven that (with the exception of sleeping time) he is a big boy who doesn't need those stinkin diapers any more!
8. i don't ever really do much shopping for myself, but with the new job comes new work attire! i have had so much fun this week seeking out the best deals and steals.
9. the annual stitch rock was this weekend! i just love to go see all the crafters and talented people. we ate yummy gourmet watermelon popsicles, i picked up some spicy pickles from our lady of perpetual pickles, and found the perfect earrings at the lemoree booth!
10. with the first cold front of the fall season there is nothing more perfect than heading to the beach.  a "cold front" in south florida basically means you won't die of heat when you walk's still hot, jut not as hot.... i may try to convince the hubs to take a late afternoon bike ride to the beach today!

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