Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. carving pumpkins with the family.  there is nothing better than watching your 2 year old freak out about how gross the guts of a pumpkin are....honestly i love the way they feel. weird...i know.
2. finally got all the parts and pieces to our halloween costumes! can't wait to see the boy and the hubs all dressed up.
3. our monthly meeting at work was beyond inspirational. listening to chuck hastings speak about the profitability of salon professionals really was a huge catalyst to strive for personal and professional  greatness. if you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, take it!
4. brought the hubs to the "pretty in pink" party at the blind monk. he was a wonderful date. we snacked on popcorn and fine cheeses while watching one of our favorite brat pack movies! i was so proud to finally introduce him to the david k space crew.
5. be on the look out for more details about the art benefit for the boys and girls club of palm beach hosted by melrose telles.  we had our first meeting and it is going to be amazing!
6. we dressed up in costumes on saturday at work, and boy oh boy was it fun! it was so great to see everyone having so much fun.
7. the boy loves his new tool set that was handed down to us by a friend. there has been a day that had gone by since sunday that hasn't involved some sort of "project" with wrenches and power drills. he loves to pretend that he's daddy and fixes his toys.
8. the boy also got a john deer gator power wheels from our neighbor.  he's just a big man driving that thing around the neighborhood. and did i mention that we got it for free?!?!?! i am still in disbelief!
9. made some delish pumpkin seeds....i'll post the recipes later!
10. while i was sleeping the hubs stayed up all night working on his website that he's owned for the past four years! it's almost done and is looking great. he's also been working on some fresh beats in his spare time.....check them out!

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