Monday, October 24, 2011

10 things i couldn't live without this week

1. i missed dance classes this week, but it allowed me a few fun filled extra hours with the boy.
2. finally got rid of all my grey and got my hair colored. i've been rocking the super dark brown almost black hair for quite some time now and it was time for a change. one of the super talented colorist at work, Evan, came up with a beautiful color story of reds and coppers..... my hair is awesome! thanks evan for making me feel like a new woman!
3. gave some amazing hair cuts to three of my favorite ladies this week!
4. we finally settled on our halloween costumes.  we made the mistake last weekend of taking the boy to the costume shop.  i know now that was way too overwhelming for a 2 year old.
5. we met our friends at boo at the zoo on friday. what a magical adventure to be in the zoo after dark. it was so great to see all our friends and get dressed up in costumes.
6. the hubs brought it to my attention a few weeks ago that he was growing tired of chicken.  there is an on going joke that all i ever cook is chicken and rice and veggies anymore. so this week was chicken free. it was fun coming up with other easy dinners that didn't involve those little cluckers. i think i may go for the challenge a second week in a row.
7. i have had the privilege of meeting some really amazing people at work, not just the people that i work with, but also clients. every once in a while i meet someone that really moves and inspires me. this was one of those weeks. i met a woman with a very sad story about illness, hair loss, and sorrow.  but instead of focusing on the terrible, she was looking forward to a new beautiful life.  watching the transformation as parker took from no style to super chic was amazing, but watching the transformation on her face was what really moved me! by the time the client was walking out the door we both had lumps in our throat. i love my job.
8. speaking of parker....i got an amazing hair cut this week!
9. the hubs and i went out for a little fun with friends this weekend.  i love it when we get to go out and have some normal adult behavior! love that man.
10.  we had a little family fun time at bedner's farm. unfortunately we were too late for the hay ride, but we had a blast at the farmers market and pumpkin patch! if you are in the palm beach area i highly recommend making the trip. but take from me....go early!

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